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Marimer Baby Spray Isotonic Sea Water 100ml

Marimer Baby Spray Isotonic Sea Water 100ml

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Marimer Baby Isotonic Nasal Spray is a sterile, microdiffused physiological seawater solution. Naturally rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, it is a nasal spray recommended for babies and children, for daily hygiene of the nasal passages and for humidifying the nasal mucosa.


Safe nasal applicator, adapted to newborns and non-invasive.

How to use

It is recommended that the baby is lying down and the child is sitting or standing. Tilt your head to the side, gently insert the diffuser into the upper nostril and spray. Repeat the operation on the other nostril. Straighten the head to allow secretions to escape.
In the baby: clean the surplus and in case of excessive secretions, use a nasal aspirator to gently aspirate the secretions.
In children: ask them to gently blow their nose.


100% Sea Water

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