About Us

Farma To Go

Farma to Go is an online store of cosmetics, beauty and wellness products. Farma to Go was created in 2020, when Maria Sampaio, a pharmacist and owner of a pharmacy for 25 years, realized that it was imperative to create an online space where health could be accessible to everyone. With the support of his children, Rita and Diogo, the Farma to Go project was born. We sell the best cosmetics, supplements and childcare brands such as Apivita, Avène, Bioderma, Chicco, Desinchá, Desincoffee, Dr. Browns, Esthederm, Nuxe, Medela and SVR. We have a team of experts to help select the best routines for skin, hair and nails, and the best choices for health and well-being. Everything to make you feel good!