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Isdin Hydration Ureadin Ultra 40 Intense Exfoliation 30ml

Isdin Hydration Ureadin Ultra 40 Intense Exfoliation 30ml

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Isdin Hydration Ureadin Ultra 40 Intense Exfoliation promotes intense exfoliation of calluses and gentle reduction of thickened nails.


Promotes intense exfoliation of very thickened areas, such as localized calluses or malformed nails. Reduces localized thickening of the skin thanks to Urea ISDIN.
It can be used in combination with antifungal and flat wart treatments, onychogryphosis and nail psoriasis.
It facilitates the penetration of antimycotic treatments by softening the upper layers of the skin and nails.
Gel-oil texture, which provides excellent cosmeticity, favors penetration and achieves greater stability thanks to 40% Urea ISDIN®.

How to use

Apply on the area to be treated 1 or 2 times a day after cleaning the area. Wash your hands well after application. For a better result, we recommend combining it with Isdin Ureadin Podos Gel Oil.


Urea ISDIN® 40%.

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