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Chicco Bottle Perfect5 Fast 4M+ Silicone Beige 300ml

Chicco Bottle Perfect5 Fast 4M+ Silicone Beige 300ml

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Chicco Bottle Perfect5 Fast 4M + Silicone Beige 300ml is the innovative biofunctional anti-colic bottle designed to provide baby nutrition, adapting immediately and continuously to the individual way of sucking each baby.


Anti-colic bottle in polypropylene 0% BPA, 4m+ 300ml fast flow.
Adapts to each baby's individual sucking rhythm for effortless, constant sucking.
The equilibrium membrane allows air to enter through the base of the bottle, without mixing with the milk, thus avoiding regurgitation, gas and colic.
Has Physio teat:
• Symmetrical, elongated and flattened, simulates the mother's breast, to promote the natural peristaltic action of breastfeeding.
• Soft, elastic and extra soft silicone with a special finish, which gives the teat a velvety and soft feel, similar to the mother's skin, for an even more natural and comfortable suction.
• 4 different flows available (normal, medium, fast and mush flow) to accompany the baby in the different stages of development.
The teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth, respecting the natural sucking movement.

How to use

The removable base makes cleaning all parts of the bottle quick and easy.

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