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Buusca Vitacare Dog 100ml

Buusca Vitacare Dog 100ml

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Buusca Vitacare Cão is a complementary compound food for dogs, with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and malt extract, indicated for the nutritional balance and vitality of your pet.


Nutritional deficiencies (due to insufficient or unbalanced nutrition - homemade food, protein-based rations of plant origin);
Sport animals (contests);
Situations of apathy or weakness/tiredness (when associated with osteoarticular problems or lack of calcium, with Buusca Flexicare and Calcicare);
During the growth phases;
Animals that are frequently sick or in periods of convalescence;
Geriatric animals (dogs > 7 years old, cats > 8 years old)
Helps eliminate hairballs in cats (Buusca® Vitacare Gatos);
Enhancement of the action of the immune system (together with Buusca® Probiocare)
In situations of vomiting and/or diarrhea (in conjunction with Buusca® Probiocare)
In periods of pregnancy;

How to use

Less than 15 kg: administer half a measuring spoon (2.5 ml) daily.
15 to 35 kg: administer 1 measuring spoon (5 ml) daily.
36 to 50 kg: administer 2 measuring spoons (10 ml) daily.
>50 kg: administer 4 measuring spoons (20 ml) daily.

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